VSE provides a MySQL database that can be used for courses that require MySQL access. The following courses that get access to MySQL automatically:

  • IT 194
  • IT 207
  • IT 214
  • IT 335
  • SWE 645
  • CS 504

Additionally, if you need or would like access for special projects your instructor or advisor can request access for you. They can request access for you by submitting a Support Request.

Activate account

In most cases you should have received an e-mail letting you know that you are enrolled in a course that may require MySQL access. This e-mail includes a link to which should be used to activate your MySQL account. Once there click "Manage account". You will then be prompted to login with your GMU netID and password. Once you login you will have the option to "Get your password". If you receive a message that you are not eligible for MySQL access that means you are not currently in the list of authorized users. If you believe this is an error let us know by submitting a Support Request.

Reset account password

If you forgot your MySQL password or need to reset it for any reason you can reset it by going to "Manage account" at

Server details

The MySQL service is available with the following details

port: 3306 (default MySQL port

Connecting to MySQL

You can connect to MySQL using one of the following methods

  • Command line
    You can access your MySQL account by logging into Zeus and running:
    mysql -h -u YOUR_USER_NAME -p
  • PHP
    $link = mysql_connect('', 'YOUR_USER_NAME', 'YOUR_MYSQL_PASSWORD');