Frequently Asked Questions

Software Available to Students

Many software titles used in our college have been installed in the Citrix Virtual Lab and can be accessed virtually via:

This includes MS Project, MS Visio, SAS 9.4, SPSS, Abaqus, ArcGIS, Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk Civil 3D, Matlab, Mathematica, and others.

Software Available for Installation on Personal Computers

The Mac version can be downloaded from here:
(Username: lv (lowercase L) / Password: lv*2021# )
LabView Activation:
  1. choose offline activation.
  2. Click Generate an activation code and enter the Computer ID on the next page.
  3. Serial Number: Ask your instructor
  4. Select LabVIEW Professional Development System (or whatever version you are trying to activate)
  5. When you click Submit you will be provided with an Activation code.
  6. Enter it in the box and click Activate.


Cloud Resources

The information below is for use by students working independently. Please contact your instructor for course or assignment specific instructions for the assigned cloud provider.

  • Amazon (AWS): Students can obtain access to AWS Educate services through their site at . That site provides access to training on how to use AWS functions as well as credits to be used for AWS services and is for people with email from an educational institution. AWS also offers some free services through their main portal at .
  • Azure: Students can access Azure services with free services as described at . See detailed instructions for accessing the GMU Azure portal at
  • Oracle: Access to Oracle cloud services is available through GMU’s membership in the Oracle Academy. To access those services, go to, then click on “Join Now”. Use that page to create an account and select George Mason University as your institution. An acknowledgment email will be sent within the next business day.
  • Google: GMU does not currently have a relationship with Google cloud services, but free Google cloud services can be used up to their defined limits. See for information.


Other Questions

Answers to questions about computing services not provided by the College of Engineering and Computing can be found at