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Classroom Information

You can find information about the available lab systems and the installed software on the Resources page. The individual labs and the included software can be linked to using the menu on the right of the page.

Student Welcome Information

This Student Welcome Document introduces students to the services provided by VSE.

Syllabi Sample Texts

This Syllabi Texts contains text that should be added to your syllabi to help guide students on how to do various tasks that may be required for a given course. Copy the appropriate text into your syllabus.

Mapping To a Shared Drive

Please read Mapping a Drive for detailed instructions.

Faculty Photos Share

Please see Mapping the VSE Photos Share for information about accessing the Faculty Photos Page.'''

Epson Interactive Projector (New for Fall 2017!)

  • The Epson Interactive Projector will help transform your whiteboard into a collaborative and interactive workspace with touch-based interactivity, able to track several users at once. Using Epson Easy Interactive Tools software, the projected image can be easily switched between Annotation Mode and Whiteboard Mode, allowing full control of functions from the PC and/or the projected image. Drawing and control can be performed using one of the supplied Epson styli or by simply using your fingers.
  • Please view the Easy Interactive Tools documentation below to explore the features and learn how to use them.
  • The Epson Interactive Projector is used and provided in the following VSE rooms: BRH259, BRH260, ENGR2608, and ENGR4457.

Epson Easy Interactive Tools

Reactivating Windows 7 License From Home

Reactivating Windows 7 License From Home