Lab Policies

Staff members of the VSE Instructional Computing Laboratories request students to abide by the policies set forth by the department. We strictly enforce these policies so that we may continue to provide students with the quality of service thus far.


Students who need to use the lab machines for their coursework will be given preference over the students who would like to use the lab resources for non-course related activities.


  • Some monitors may have anti-glaring coating, please do not touch the screen.
  • Do not disconnect any of the lab's devices. You may attach and remove (safely) your USB storage devices
  • Do not turn the computers off.
  • If something doesn't work properly, please report it to the GTA on duty or email with details about which machine has the problem, details and error messages.


Please be considerate towards others, do not submit large print jobs.


Swipe card access is required for usage of the labs during after hours. Students who wish to use the labs after lab closing, MUST leave the lab come back in with their own swipe card. Students who do not have a valid swipe card may not remain in the labs after regular hours AND must not be allowed to come in by others in the lab with valid access codes.


You are not allowed to eat or drink in the labs. You could take an occasional break to go out and have something to eat or drink. If you bring food or drink for breaktime, please keep it in your backpack.


Smoking is prohibited in all GMU instructional facilities.


Students are not allowed to play games in the lab. Those who like listening to music during work need to use headphones.